Magic: The Gathering Spellslinger Starter Kit

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EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO START: The Spellslinger Starter Kit includes two player ready 60- card decks, two 20-sided Spin down life counters, two quick start guides and two rulebooks.

CHOOSE YOUR DECK: Pick the red deck to command ferocious dragons or white to command righteous angels into battle.

PLAY ONLINE & OFFLINE: Find a code to unlock both decks on Magic: The Gathering Arena.

JUMP INTO MAGIC WITH A FRIEND: Quickly pick up the game with this two player starter set. Everything you need to learn with a friend is here, including a quick start guide to lead you through your first game.

PLAY YOUR WAY: This set spans the multiverse and invites players to find a favourite playing style and add new mechanics, creatures and Planes walkers to their decks.